Social Media and Brand Analysis


Tired of not getting the response on social media you deserve? 

Must of the time, a slight correction on the way you do your social media is enough. Before you pay a company to handle your social media; try my Social Media and Brand Analysis. 

We have 3 options:

Standard, In Depth Review and the Luxe Package 

The first one allows you to get some constructive criticism about your main 3 balloon installations, this will allow you to recognize typical mistakes that can be improved by using techniques I use to make my life as a balloonist easier and to teach you how to post on your socials, when to post and techniques to make your posts more attractive, which as a result will allow you to grow your following. And by result of this, get more views, more inquiries and more bookings.

The In Depth, contains everything on the standard package, plus a 15 min Zoom Call or 20 min Phone call with the Balloon King.

As well, help finding the perfect name for your brand, etc. 

The Luxe Package Includes everything on the Standard and In Depth plus a business shout out on my story. And a call of 30 min with me. Or zoom Call of 20 min.